Friday Night Session July 20th 2012

Hosted By Andrew Jervis and Tomas.
Special Guests: Rainer Trüby and Monster Rally

Big show tonight with new tracks from Mala, Hairy Hands, Hello Skinny (drummer for Mulatu Astatke, Matthew Herbert, and Finn Peters,) The Cutler (aka Cobby one half of Fila Brazilia and Porky – founder of Pork Recordings,) Om Unit and some bouncy electronic stuff from Portable Sunsets on Daedelus label. We have a new 3 From Me segment featuring top German Producer and DJ Rainer Trüby – and a guest mix from Monster Rally, out of Colombus, Ohio. Playlists and interviews…

01 Hello Skinny – Remember (bandcamp)
02 Hairy Hands V Marouette – Save Me (download)
03 The Cutler – P-A-Y-R (Steel Tiger)
04 Portable Sunsets feat. Christopher Wade – Sunshield (DX7 Dub) (Magical Properties)
05 Om Unit – Dark Sunrise (feat Tamara Blessa) (Civil)
06 Phil Gerus – Milk & Honey (Fuselab)
07 Queen – Cool Cat (Elektra)

3 From Me Guest – Rainer Trüby:
08 Rainer Trüby – Welcome to Our World (Compost black)
09 Sello – Lovely Files (Neovinyl)
10 Kevin Moore – Speak Your Mind (Chocolate City)

Special Guest Mix: Monster Rally -
11 Mr. White Folks – Soul Town (Unreleased) – (N/A)
12. Vincent Gallo – Lonely Boy – (Buffalo 66 Soundtrack)
13. Monster Rally – FJ (Unreleased) – (N/A)
14. Chuck Berry – Memphis, Tennesse – (Chess)
15. Alton Ellis – Breaking Up
16. Oscar Lhapso – The Moon (N/A)
17. Shin Joong Hyun – Moon Watching
18. MR&RT – Eatin’ Brownies (Unreleased) – (N/A)
19. The Tornados – Hymn For Teenagers
20. Hieroglyphics – You Never Know
21. Kim Jung Mi – The Sun
22. Oscar Lhapso – Textiles (N/A)
23. Jaylib – No Games (Stones Throw)
24. Mr. White Folks – The Come Up (Unreleased) – (N/A)
25. Madlib – LA California – (Stones Throw)

26. Hidden Orchestra – Vorka (Tru Thoughts)
27. Submerse – Meaningless Moments In Capsules (Project Mooncircle)
28. Gacha – Remember (Apollo)
29. K’bonus – Dance Baby Dance (Lovemonk)
30. Nickodemus feat. Kissey Asplund – Mirage (ESL)
31. 813 – Bibabo (92 Pints)
32. Mala – Calle F (Brownswood Recordings)
33. Lord Nelson – Shango (Daniel Haaksman & DJ Beware Remix) (Soundway)
Mobile player

3 From Me with Rainer Truby:
FNS: Why did you pick these tracks?
RT: “Welcome To Our World” is produced by Danilo Plessow of Motor City Drum Ensemble fame. We did it together in one night, all self-played and self-sung…it sounds quite spontaneous as well. The Kevin Moore track was released in 1980 on the Chocolate City label. Whenever I hear that tune a smile comes to my face. Pure uplifting soul music. Sello is a producer from Duesseldorf in Germany and when I heard that track last week for the first time I was immediately hooked. Great harmonies & bass sounds, subtle beats, perfect architecture. Quality!
FNS: Are we likely to see another Trueby Trio album anytime soon? And what else are you working on?
RT: The Trueby Trio is still taking a creative break. At the moment I am working on 2 different projects, one is a collaboration with fellow German producer Marlow (Room With A View) under the name of “Marlow & Trueby”. We have just remixed a new version of the America classic “A Horse With No Name” by The Soul Session on Agogo Records. The other project goes under my own name Rainer Trueby and is produced by MCDE´s Danilo Plessow. We are just in the process of getting some remixes done for our last 12″ “Jeck” & “Welcome To Our World”. Bassfort, Session Victim & Dima Studitsky are on remix duties…
FNS: Where is the best place for people to stay in touch with what you are up to?

A few word with Ted Feighan aka Monster Rally, and other projects…
FNS: I like the way your productions marry sampling and live instrumentation, you get the balance right. What’s your secret?
MR: I always try to keep the live instrumentation to a minimum. I usually use it when I’m basing a song on top of a single sample, for example the the track ‘Ghosts’ from Beyond the Sea is based on top of one woozy-sounding guitar sample and I just wanted to make it more dynamic in a subtle way. Whenever I’m adding instrumentation, my goal is always to make it sound like its coming from the sample, like the sample is growing in complexity with every looping.
FNS: What are the different pseudonyms you work under, and how do they differ musically?
MR: Monster Rally is my main project, and is heavily sample-based. MR is about conveying a feeling through organic-sounding samples. Mr. White Folks, on the mix, is also a project Ive been working on. More straight forward hip-hop, using programed drums and is somewhat of a concept album / project about the pimp. Monster Rally & RUMTUM or MR&RT, is the project between John Hastings (RUMTUM) and myself. It has a high production value and is an extremely collaborative process with me acting basically as curator and John as arranger. I have two other pseudonyms I work under that I don’t want to name but they range from funky psychedelia to simple and jazzy compositions.
FNS: Is the Columbus music scene supportive?
MR: Columbus is great, there is a lot of interesting music happening here, however, people don’t really go out to shows that often. I’ve met a ton of awesome musicians / bands who have started in Columbus and ultimately decided to move somewhere else for whatever reason.
FNS: What are you listening to this week?
MR: RUMTUM has a lot of new music coming out very soon and I’ve had the privilege of previewing all of it. That has been dominating my iTunes for the past few weeks.
FNS: What’s the best way for people to stay up on your releases?
MR: // //

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