Friday Night Session July 27th

Hosted by Andrew Jervis
3FromMe Guest: Rob Sevier (Numero Group)

Tonights show bounces from the tropical sounds of Lucas Santanna, Ondatropica, Mala, and the Afrobeat Makers, to vintage bits from Darling Dears, Robert Vanderbilt and Letta Mbulu. We get into new soulful songs by The XX, Colonel Red and Funkcommunity and drop uptempo beats by Storm Queen and Cooly G. Special guest in our 3FromMe segment is Rob Sevier (Numero Group.) Here’s the playlist and and a few words from Rob…

01. Messengers – Sacrewinsky (WB)
02. The Cinematic Orchestra – Necrology (Ninja Tune)
03. Darling Dears – And I Love You (Now & Again)
04. Robert Vanderbilt and the Foundation of Souls – A Message Especially From God (Sensational)
05. The Persuaders – Love Gonna Pack Up (Win Or Lose)
06. Blundetto – Since you’ve been gone (Heavenly Sweetness)
07. Prince Douglas – Sunshine Dub (Wackies)
08. Lucas Santtana – Cá Pra Nós (El Buho Remix) (Mais Um Discos)
09. Ondatrópica – 3 Reyes de la Terapia (Soundway)
10. Afrobeat Makers – African Heat (Comet)
11. The Rongetz Foundation – Gogo Soul (feat. Gregory Porter) (Heavenly Sweetness)

3FromMe: Rob Sevier / Numero Group
12. Pat Stallworth – Questions_Part I (Fly by Nite)
13. Elements of Peace – Together Part 2 (Bennett)
14. McArthur – It’s Real (Browndog)

15. Paul White – Let’s Create! (One Handed)
16. Lali Puna – I’ve Been Over The Rainbow (Morr Music)
17. The xx – Angels (Young Turks)
18. Cuushe – Summer Night Sketch (Botany Remix) (download)
19. Colonel Red – Spaceface (Apollo)
20. Funkommunity – The Light (MPM)
21. Jack Sparrow – Good Old Days (Deep Medhi)
22. Auntie Flo – yllw fllw (Huntleys Palmers)
23. Hello Skinny – Crush (Brownswood)
24. DeWalta – Jog Trot (download)
25. Cooly G - What Airtime (Hyper dub)
26. Storm Queen – Let’s Make Mistakes (Environ)
27. Letta Mbulu – Nomalizo (Sony)
28. Mala – The Tourist (Brownswood)
29. OMBRE – Cara Falsa (Asthmatic Kitty)
30. Michael Maricle – Vena Cava (Invibe Music)
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Rob Sevier was our guest on 3FromMe this week. He’s head honcho at the excellent archival label Numero Group . . .

1. Why did you pick these tracks?

The Pat Stallworth track is a long-time favorite going back many years. It was produced by Bill Jacocks, who is a bit of a local celebrity in Cleveland. I’ve been talking to him for many years, but only a few years ago got to know him pretty well after we put together the Boddie compilation. He was a close friend of Thomas Boddie and introduced Boddie to Harvey Hall, probably his most prolific artist. His anecdotes are epic, and each one stranger than the last. This record is particularly interesting to Cleveland music history because it includes the remnants of Mother Braintree, an otherwise unrecorded group that become part of the Kinsman Dazz/Dazz Band massive. The arp on this tune is particularly infectious! Vocalist Pat Stallworth, herself, has never been turned up unfortunately. Hopefully she gets in touch, we’d love to get her side of the story. The Elements of Peace is coming out as part of a 45 set and it’s simply one of the most extraordinarily eccentric soul tunes I’ve ever come across. Knowledge of the record comes courtesy of collector and DJ Josh Davis from your neck of the woods. What you’re hearing comes off the master tapes, however. The last selection is just something that struck my fancy this week. Bob Abrahamian, who has a show in Chicago called Sitting in the Park on WHPK, picked up another version of this stellar sweet soul number and sent me a sound file to enjoy. Bob’s been deeply involved in many of the Numero releases and is always digging up new stuff.

2. Did going to the Grammys change anything for better or worse for Numero Group?

I don’t really ever mention it to anyone, so it would be hard for the Grammy nomination to have much effect. I think, for those that hear about it, it gives the idea that we’re bigger or more important than we really are. That could be positive or negative, depending. It would be hard to pin down the net effect, but I’ve done my best to mitigate the damage such “legitimacy” can cause. Because it’s on television, old people that don’t understand what I do have heard of the Grammys at least.

3. If there’s one record I’d really like to get my hands on right now it’d be….

It’s never a good idea to spread around your top wants, especially if their pretty obscure, but I can cop to being after a hard rock 45 by Supa Chief. I’m sitting on a little stack of unissued material yet I don’t even have their actual release! It’ll turn up in time.

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